First Post. The Post That Costs The Most.

‘First Post’ was often a phrase used in our family, and to be honest, probably may other families in the UK. Though admittedly, I’ve never heard anyone ever say it. It could either mean ‘first class’ post, or the first mail of the day.

Here, obviously, it has a completely different meaning. The first post is supposed to be the one that draws the reader in, right? A joke here or there, something to show how relatable I am. A picture of a cat. A slice of pizza. Oh look! Netflix.

Though I have 3 cats and you’ll probably see them at some point, and I do love decent pizza, I don’t watch Netflix. Sorry. In fact I don’t watch any typical television at all. No, in fact I only really have 2 pastimes. Gaming, and reading. And sometimes writing if I’m not doing it for work.

A small sample of my gaming collection.

Not pictured: Gamecube, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance, PSP, Dreamcast, PS3, PS2, XBOX 360, Gamegear, NES, a huge collection of PS1 and PS2 games, and a mammoth collection of Commodore games.

Also not pictured: my vast manga collection.

Pictured: the handle of a cat toy.

I’m sorry, this has taken way too long already. A little more about me: due to childhood trauma (isn’t it wonderful?) I unfortunately have chronic anxiety disorder, and deep depression. Not due to childhood trauma is my ADHD, which come to think of it, explains why it took so long for me to just bloody get to the point. It’s a common problem I have. Ask me to talk about something I know a little on and you can’t get me to shut up. The good thing about being British is that everyone is too polite to tell me to shut up.

I have a lot of flaws. NOT one of them is my self awareness. I think I’m probably too self aware, which I suspect is due to my anxiety. Alcohol helps. Probably because I lose all sense of inhibition and my meds get over-ridden.

I was advised by my therapist to start a blog, a journal. But I didn’t want to just babble endlessly (note: too late). But I have that pesky ADHD trait of starting a million projects and never finishing them. I’m currently developing a game and it’s the only thing I’ve been able to stick to for more than a month, but it’s in its early stages. More on that in the future. But yes – I was told to start a blog, but I wanted for it to have some USEFULNESS to someone else. So in addition to my ramblings, whenever they may be – I want to offer advice to people with the conditions I have, and to the partners and family of people who have the conditions I have. I’ve been in a relationship for 7 years, and prior to that, for 5 years. Yes, with men.

What can I say, I am a serial monogamist. Sometimes I think I’d be into polyamory, but it kinda scares me. More on that another time, otherwise I won’t shut up.


Okay, so final points

  • I’m in my late 20’s
  • I’m mixed race
  • I’m gay
  • I’m a gamer and manga reader
  • Basically I’m a loser
  • I’m engaged to a man
  • I have chronic anxiety disorder, depression, and ADHD
  • I have 3 cats
  • That’s all for now!

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