Magnum Phoenix

Actor, Writer, Teacher, Indie Game Developer, Stuff-Maker

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Hi. I’m Magnum Phoenix. I’m a gay British theatre-maker and solo indie game developer. I also teach in Performing Arts and English. You can find out more about my work using the links above.

In my downtime, I read manga and regular novels (mostly horror), listen to St. Vincent, play video games, stroke my cats, and lay in the dark contemplating my inevitable doom.

This blog serves as an escape – recommended by my therapist – somewhere to log my thoughts. I thought I’d also use it as an opportunity to share my experiences with my mental illness and connect with similar people. Perhaps by reading this blog, it can bring something into your life. You’re not alone and your struggles are real – this blog is a testament to that.

I don’t claim to know everything about the subjects I talk about. In fact, I often think I know nothing. I try to be funny. Maybe I am funny.

Anyway, if you read something here or even if you don’t, feel free to contact me. Even if you just wanna talk about something or vent or rant. One thing I know I’m good at is giving objective, realistic advice.

Welcome to my blog.